Hollow Shaft Motors

The HSM Hollow Shaft Motors have the same excellent power and torque density properties as the solid shaft motors, but with an up to 40 mm hollow shaft. The hollow shaft allows for example axles, cables or laser beams to be passed through the motor.

The motors are available in 90 frame size, in a torque range from 2.6 Nm to 4.8 Nm, rated 3000 rpm and wound for 230 or 400 VAC. 140 mm frame size motors are available on request.

Straight radial connectors are standard. Other configurations as angled connectors could be provided on request. HSM motors are as standard available with sin-cosin feedback system with either EnDat or Hiperface protocol. Standard is a shaft suitable for a clamping arrangement to the load, but other customer requested arrangement could be provided.


Table Hollow Shaft Motors (desktop view)

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