High performance ultra compact servo motor

HDD Sweden offers compact permanent magnet servo motors that can be positioned to high accuracy. These types of motors offer more torque per weight, higher reliability, have longer life expectancy and require less maintenance.

The advantages of HDD Servo Motors

Our innovative and unique stator design enables us to combine high torque with a very compact design into the most efficient PMS servomotor on the market. Our technology means that our motors are up to half the size of our best competitor.

Our Servo Motors comes with ultra compact design and high reliability

The ultra compact design both saves weight and space without reducing the high torque.  The very high reliability and quality gives the application a very low total cost of ownership.Our servo motors are delivered in three types, Solid shaft, Hollow shaft and Internal coupling. They can be integrated with any of servosystem on the market

HDD’s servo motors work with any servo drives

A servo motor allows for precise control of angular position. It consists of a motor coupled to a sensor for position feedback. It also requires a servo drive to complete the system. The drive uses the feedback sensor to precisely control the rotary position of the motor.
HDD’s portfolio of servo motors gives you flexibility so you can select the best servo motor for your application. You can integrate our servo motors with any servo drives, to create the best solution for you.
HDD’s different servo motors enable a unique possibility to optimize your solution to your specific needs. You can work with our engineering team to customize a solution.

HDD’s servo motor for machine tool manufacturers

When you need a servo motor for high speed tool changes, loading and unloading at no time, complex machining in just one cycle, HDD’s motor is the perfect solution. We can tailor a solution for your needs. Find out how our engineers can work together with you to develop the optimal solution, we can support you with development, rapid prototyping and manufacturing in small volumes. 

Facts Servo Motor

  • The motors have 3 different standard models, Solid Shaft, Hollow Shaft and Internal Coupling.
  • The motors are available in 90 and 140 mm frame size and lengths from 47mm to 150 mm. The torque ranges from 1.2 Nm to 45 Nm. The ranges from 2000 rpm to 6000 rpm and wound between 230 or 400 VAC.
  • The standard motor is equipped with keyway, straight connectors, resolver feedback, PTC thermal sensor and IP 65 protected. All motors can be supplied with or without brake.
  • The motors can be ordered with a variety of feedback systems, angled connectors, with pressurized air connectors.


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