HDD 09J low voltage

HDD 09J low voltage version

  • Our most sold motor, HDD09J, will shortly be available in a 48 V, low voltage version.
  • The HDD 09J low voltage is built with the same technology as the traditional AC servomotor. However, it has a coarser winding to cope the higher current when controlled by a low voltage DC-driver. It can therefore be referred to as a DC servomotor.
  • Rated speed 3000 rpm, rated torque 2,3 Nm at a rated current 26 A and the compact length of 59,6 mm.
  • Weight is only 2,4 kg.
  • Resolver, Hiperface, EnDat protocol and a number of drive compatible drive pinouts.
  • The motors can be supplied with or without brake.
  • IP 65 as a standard be can be ordered with IP 67.