Commercial Aircraft

High-density electrical motors for electric drive

The More Electric Aircraft (MEA) is an umbrella term for products and projects aimed at replacing old bulky and heavy hydraulic systems with electric systems in the airline industry. Weight, volume and safety are of course important properties.

HDD has, together with SAAB Avionics Systems, developed high-density electrical motors for electric drive of the Flap System used by commercial aircraft primarily during take-off and landing but also for aerodynamical optimization by trim of the wing profile during flight. The latter function reduces the fuel consumption with an average of 4%. The product has been in service for more than 3.5 miljon flight hours.

The actuator is equipped with both HDD Stritorque® compact motor technology and can also be designed with HDD HiRel® technology which means that the motor has a built-in triple redundancy.

Another example of a custom motor, developed by HDD for the aircraft domain, has been implemented in an electric nose wheel steering application.

More details about the actuator can be found on SAAB’s website.